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Localization and Translation

Website content localization services address the need to reach international audiences by creating a French, Spanish or English version of websites and software. Let us advise you on best practices for web communication in a multilingual cultural environment.

Website localization includes localization of all web pages, links, content tags, form labels and texts, alt texts for images and website navigation titles. A language selector is postionned, generally at the top of the web page, to allow users to choose the display language.

In the case of software and web application localization, besides the files containing strings and texts to be localized, we need the associated screen shots of dialog windows, ribbons, and scrolling menus. These images allow us to visualize the string's physical environment and the space it occupies to be able to adapt our translation accordingly.

We perform document and text translation in French, Spanish and English, in several editable formats. Translation content source text formats handled include docx, html, xml, po, resx, php, trn, txt, csv and more. If you don’t see the format you need here, please ask about it.

Website Design

MyWebPixie web design services specialize in multilingual CSM Drupal and WordPress website creation. New websites are built on robust and flexible content management systems that give you the tools to manage web content more efficiently.

We integrate into every website project search referencing like title and descriptions optimization, tags and key topic words for each page for better search engine and optimization of target links. As we work with you throughout the life of the web project, we make every effort to integrate the best practices in web design and accessibility in order to create a digital experience that benefits the visitor and user.

In particular, we take into account recommendations for web accessibility WAI-ARIA 1.0 such as alternative textual descriptions for media to be read by screen readers to the visually impaired. Once the website is completed to your specifications pertaining to web design, functionality and content, it is installed on your servers, tested and delivered to you turnkey. This way you have full control of website management right from launch.

All our websites include 3 hours of free technical assistance to help you get a handle on management of your new website, stress-free.