Packs and Prices

Web Localization Package

Our Web Content Localization Package can be customized as needed to include a complete multilingual website versions to and from French, Spanish and English.

  • Multilingual website of up to 7 web pages localized in two languages
  • Header and footer logo and texts localized
  • HTML and PHP web page text content translated
  • Creation of localized sub-domain for international website version
  • Multilingual localized key words and tags for each web page
  • Multilingual web page navigation menu links
  • Up to 2 images per web page
  • Multilingual optimization of titles, tags and URLs for international search engine indexing
  • Installation and setup of your multilingual website on your hosting servers
  • Three months free website content management and internet promotion education and assistance
  • Price: $2,450.00
Classic Website Package

Our Classic Website Package includes a home page with a general description of your organization and a menu to access detailed information pages. This packages covers most requirements for full web presence built on a content management system. Contact us for a personalized estimate for your web project.

  • Creation of up to 7 css standards compliant web pages on CMS framework
  • Masthead graphic with your logo in header
  • 1-2 graphic images per page.
  • Upload and setup on your hosting servers
  • 1 Domain-based email account setup
  • One integrated Contact form
  • Up to 2 external links per page
  • Search engine optimization for titles, tags and URLs
  • Three months free website content management and internet promotion education and assistance
  • Price: $1,500
Brochure Website Package

Our Brochure Web Package, similar to an online business card, consists of a single page containing basic business information and a contact form. It offers you a  quick-start web presence at a fraction of the cost of a full website.

  • Single web page with basic information about your organization
  • 1 contact form on page
  • Personalized graphic logo for the web page masthead
  • 2 images on the web page besides the header logo image
  • Basic website optimization for search engine indexing.
  • Setup of files and configuration on your hosting servers
  • 1 hour technical assistance
  • Price: $500.00
Stand-alone Web Services

Stand-alone web design, localization and translation services are designed to be ordered individually to fit the requirements of special scope projects.

  • Logo creation, starting at: $250.00
  • Website monitoring and CMS updates, per month : $50.00
  • Website troubleshooting, hourly: $30.00
  • Website migration, one domain : $200.00
  • Web content localization (French, Spanish), source word : $0.10
  • Software localization and translation (French,Spanish), source word : $0.11
  • Shop cart installation and customization, excluding client content : $200.00
  • Content management systems installation (WordPress, Drupal), excluding client content : $250.00
  • Search engine optimization (keyword analysis, content tags), hourly: $40.00