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  • In which languages do your translate websites and web applications?


    Our website, document and program translation services are offered in three languages: English (EN-US), Spanish (ES-ESP) and French (FR-FRA). Localization addresses the needs of multilingual website clients who attract a diverse public in English-speaking, French. Speaking and Spanish. Speaking countries. Web application and program localization covers the translation of UI program strings, program documentation and associated user contract.

  • Software Localization and Translation

    Localization and translation are tools that gives you the potential to address an international world-wide audience. We perform document and text translation as well as web content and software application localizations in French, Spanish and English.

    Localization: For websites, we translate all web pages, links, tags and the contact form. Besides the main web content, alternative texts for images, website navigation menus are localized. A language menu will be displayed to switch languages and thus facilitate web page navigation in the user’s preferred language.

    Translation: We also offer document and text translation services. The translatin work involves translation the text, proof-reading it and finally formatting of the final translated document according to the original. In order to reproduce the formatting properly, we must have the source document in .docx or other editable format. In the case of software and web application localization, besides the files containing strings and texts to be localized, we need the associated screen shots of dialog windows, ribbons, and scrolling menus. These images allow us to visualize the string's physical environment and the space it occupies to be able to adapt our translation accordingly.

    Localization and translation text formats handled include docx, html, xml, po, resx, php, trn, txt, csv and more. If you don’t see the format you need here, please ask about it.