Web design and Localization

We offer a complete array of website design and web development services adapted to the needs of professionals and organizations. In order to complete your next web site project, we have integrated some assets essential to successful websites.

  • First, we prefer flexible web designs in order to provide user friendly display adapted to portable devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • For practical self-management of web content, website projects are built on well-know CMS platforms, Wordpress and Drupal.
  • To ensure optimum user experience for all, website designs integrate current WAI-ARIA 1.0 Web Accessibility recommendations.
  • Professional French and Spanish translation, web content localization and software string localization on demand, bring life to multilingual and multinational projects.
  • On request, we create PHP string and localizations files for database generated message management and content translation.
  • All web development, localization and translation services are provided by our in-house staff at MyWebPixie.